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Brooks Camp Visitor Center and Programs

Brooks Camp Visitor Center is located on Naknek Lake near the mouth of Brooks River, 30 air miles from King Salmon and is open early June to mid-September. It is just a short walk from the seaplane base, the campground and the lodge.

All visitors to Brooks Camp are required to attend the Brooks Camp School of Bear Etiquette offered at the Visitor Center. This fifteen to twenty minute orientation provides visitors with basic information to help keep themselves safe and bears out of trouble. Books, cards, posters, and videos are just some of the items available at the Alaska Natural History Association (ANHA) Bookstore. Backcountry Planners and bear resistant food canisters (no charge) are also available for those challenging Katmai's trackless backcountry.

Our Tips When Entering Bear Country will provide additional information about things to know when in areas where bear encounters are possible.

Programs & Activities:
A variety of interpretive programs are available at Brooks Camp throughout the summer. Each evening, in the Auditorium located near the Visitor Center, one of a variety of 45 minute to 1 hour long slide enhanced programs is presented by Park staff. Each afternoon, starting across from the Visitor Center, Park staff take visitors on an hour long, 1/2 mile round trip cultural walk to a recently excavated and recreated archeological site. Each day Park staff also join Brooks Lodge staff to offer an all day guided bus tour to the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Reservations for the bus tour must be made in advance at Brooks Lodge. Other special Park staff guided hikes, nature walks, programs, and activities occur on an unscheduled basis throughout the season. Check at the Brooks Camp Visitor Center for dates and times.

Katmai has over 4 million acres of wilderness in which to hike, but only two maintained hiking trails. Dumpling Mountain trail starts at the Brooks Camp Campground and climbs 1 1/2 miles to an overlook, then continues another 2 1/2 miles to the summit. The 1 1/2 mile Ukak Falls Trail begins at Three Forks Visitor Contact Station and drops 700 feet down to the edge of the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Hikers then can go to Ukak Falls and/or the Three Forks Convergence Overlook. The Trail is fairly steep and strenuous.

Scenery & wildlife are the treasures of Katmai.

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