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Goldpanning on the Kenai Peninsula
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Equipment you will need

The basic equipment is quite simple and requires only a minimum investment. A gold pan is most important. Metal pans were used by early prospectors; modem versions are plastic with built-in riffles. In a pinch, frying pans and even hub caps will work. New metal pans generally come with a coating of grease and should be cleaned thoroughly by heating over an open fire. The pan will rust, but some rust is beneficial for collecting fine gold.

Suggested equipment.

  • gold pan (plastic with riffles or metal); 14" size is best.
  • shovel to loosen gravel from creek bottom.
  • grizzly pan with 1/2-inch holes in bottom; this pan helps separate coarse gravel, speeding up the panning process.
  • magnifying lens (at least 10X power) to identify minerals.
  • sluice box, approximately 3 feet long; (construct or obtain commercially; aluminum version is available.)
  • tweezers for picking up gold; a dry finger will also work.
  • small magnet for separating out magnetic black sands.
  • small glass vials to hold gold.
  • rubber gloves to protect hands from cold water.
  • rubber boots to keep feet dry while wading in creeks.
Most of these items are available at local miners' and prospectors' supply houses, sporting goods stores, and some hardware stores.


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