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Tip #12 Stick-Free Snow Shoveling Makes a Hefty Chore Easier

Ah, tis the season for holidays...and that monotonous chore of shoveling sidewalks, driveways and roofs for many households. And each year there are an abundance of back-related injuries attributed to this activity.

I think every snow shoveler has experienced certain conditions where the snow sticks to the shovel or scoop and makes it difficult to toss. Its not only frustrating but can also lead to muscle strains and backs out of wack when the motion of the scoop & toss ends up retaining half the weight still adhering to the shovel.

Here is a solution I learned several years ago to make shoveling my roof with a snow scoop and sidewalks with a shovel much easier.

  • Clean and dry your scoop or shovel.
  • Spray all scooping surfaces, top and underside, with a product such as WD-40 lubricant or one of the silicon spray products.
  • Set the shovel or scoop outside to allow it to cool to ambient temperature before using.

You will find that snow has much less tendency to stick to the shovel and makes tossing much easier. When snow begins to stick again, repeat the process. Spraying WD-40 on the internal surfaces of snow blowers also helps prevent sticky buildup of snow.

Klondike Kid

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