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Marking the Calendar and Setting Your Watch

You've probably heard it a thousand times....TIMING is Everything when fishing Alaska. Its something AOJ intends to continue emphasizing. Knowing when to go is just as important as knowing what to use.

The Homer Spit Lagoon has three distinct salmon fisheries; the early King run, the late King run and the coho (silvers) salmon run. The chart below is an accurate representation of when each of these salmon runs begin showing up in the Fishing Hole. And as we have mention on a previous page, the fish which arrive at the beginning of each run are much more prone to striking a bait or lure. If you find yourself fishing during the latter half of a run, the Kid's magic technique may prove to be the most effective method in catching fish. This is the first year we have let the cat out of the bag so many anglers will not be wise to that method until they see others who are successful. So the early bird will get the fish.

All three runs of salmon have similar "personalities." The INCOMING tide is always the most successful time to fish. Salmon are schooling out in the bay during low tide and then work their way into the lagoon as the tide rises and the lagoon gets deeper. Many hundreds of fish will enter right up through peak high; then a large number of them will slowly begin retreating to the bay as the tide falls. Those anglers fishing the "mouth" will have a double shot at fish moving through the gap.

AOJ has the Seldovia Tide Tables posted onsite for your reference. There is only a ten minute difference between Seldovia and the Homer Spit. You can start fishing the mouth about two hours before high tide.

Many fish will remain in the lagoon during the low tide period and provide 24 hour opportunities to try your luck. The largest number of anglers will be present during the rising tide but many hang around and fish throughout the day or night.


If you are serious about wanting to catch a trophy size fish and have not had any success on the Kenai River, the July king salmon run at the Fishing Hole in Homer could be your next best bet for a very affordable opportunity. Access is as good as it gets and the fish during this run have the potential to exceed 70 pounds. Any fish over 50 pounds can net you a nice certificate to frame on your wall to go along with your photo or fish mount.

A condensed version of the Trophy Fish program can be found in the Sport Fish Regulations booklet. For a complete discussion of all the rules and requirements, you can read the ADF&G Trophy Fish Program Rules found on AOJ.

Good Luck & Good Fishin'
Klondike Kid

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