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Dall Sheep and Mountain Goat Viewing

Dall Sheep Mt. Goat
Small groups of Dall Sheep and Mountain Goats are found in many of the mountainous areas of the Kenai Peninsula. Although these animals are usually high on the sides of mountains during the summer months, several opportunities for viewing are available from the road or from a tour boat. The mountain goat on the right was filmed just 100 ft. above the shoreline in the Kenai Fjords National Park as the tour boat passed by.
Turnagain Arm Dall Sheep Viewing

If you are driving down from Anchorage, Dall sheep can frequently be seen just a few feet off the Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm. These sheep have become accustom to tourists stopping for picture taking. Most of these animals will be ewes and lambs but only the last few years there are some full curl adult rams present that provide some extraordinary photos. Just look for a traffic jam along the road and find a SAFE place to park well off the traffic lane. Go SLOW and watch cautiously for excited tourists darting out from between parked vehicles. People have been run over in this area.

This shot of a nine year old full curl ram was taken on January 14, 2003 along Turnagain Arm during a winter when very little snowfall was present. These animals are frequently observed nibbling the gravel which contains road salt from the highway department's sanding operations during winter. Salt is an essential ingredient in diets of wild animals and this manmade source is what draws these animals so close to human contact. Keep your distance and use your telephoto lens -- these are still WILD animals.

Kenai Lake Dall Sheep Viewing On the Sterling Highway, the most popular location to spot sheep and goats is at the various turnouts adjacent to Kenai Lake between the Quartz Creek Campground and Cooper Landing. These turnouts provide a spot to get out your binoculars or set up a tripod and telephoto lens on your camera. These animals are constantly on the move grazing from one mountain to the next or from the front side to the back. If you don't see them right away but have a little extra time, wait about 30 minutes.

Sheep can also be viewed from the Russian River Campground when looking north towards the mountain range across the Kenai River. Sometimes fifty or more can be seen at one time.

Ressurection Bay Goat Viewing Map An opportunity that affords a great amount of wildlife viewing is on one of the many Kenai Fjords tour boats that ply the waters of Resurrection Bay and outlying area. The boats leave from Seward on half day, full day and dinner cruises. Quite often one will spot a mountain goat or two along the high craggy mountains overlooking the bay and some may only be 50 yards above the water in the more remote areas.

This trip is a MUST DO adventure. Whales, sea otters, sea lions, bird rookeries and orcas are all seen on this excursion.

Sadie Cove Goat Viewing Map One last place for viewing Mt. Goats is in the Homer/Kachemak Bay area. Few people are even aware of this secluded population.

The goats range along the mountains which border Sadie Cove, about a 25 minute trip by boat from the Homer Spit. A fairly large population live along this range and its not uncommon to view 25 or more at a time. Mid to late May is an excellent time to see the newborn kids with their nannies. And the scenery is pure fjord.

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