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Porpoise, Orca and Whale Watching Around the Kenai

Breaching Humpback Whale

Harbor and Dall Porpoise, Orca, humpback, minke, pilot and gray whales are frequent inhabitants of the coastal waters surrounding the Kenai Peninsula. Whether you are going out on a saltwater fishing charter, taking one of the sealife tours or traveling on one of the local or state ferries, you are bound to encounter these marine mammals.
Whale Tail Orcas Spy HoppingMost of the halibut fishing charter boats out of Homer will run two to three hours to get to the most promising fishing grounds. During this length of trip you are likely to see porpoise and a whale or two. Taking the ferry to the coastal town of Seldovia is also a short trip where viewing is possible.
Orca Rising The very best opportunity to see porpoise and whales up close is in Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords Park waters. Humpbacks & grays frequent the bays to feed on the abundant plankton while porpoise will almost always seek you out to ride in the bow wave in front of the boat. Orcas populate the entire area feeding on the abundant salmon returning to spawn in the local streams. Whether you are in a small private boat, on a fishing charter in the outer bay or on one of the larger tour boats your chances of encountering many if not all of these mammals is almost assured.

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